Our sponsors support us because Robot Garden (501c3) contributes to the Tri-Valley and greater bay area community through encouraging innovation, fostering creativity and facilitating STEAM education. We are a vibrant community of makers dedicated to the creation of tangible new technology. Our membership base is a good place to recruit new talent and we work closely with i-GATE to provide resources to existing startup companies and help pre-entrepeneurs get started. Please join us in the movement to make the Tri-Valley a more innovative and vibrant place.

Learning to solderWe provide co-working space, access to tools, and training and host events like the bimonthly monthly Try-Valley hardware startup meetup. In partnership with i-GATE, we also host practice and competitions such as, FIRST Tech Challenge, FIRST LEGO League and the San Jose Tech Challenge that have included city government officials like Mayor John Marchand of Livermore and we are developing more programming in house such as scouting programs and reaching out the the community by working with Libraries and schools.

As a community operated non-profit we rely on sponsors to help improve and expand our programming. In addition to direct sponsorship, we are also happy to receive used / excess equipment such as:

  • Computers (2008 and newer)
  • Monitors
  • Hand tools: drills, saws, hammers, sanders, etc.
  • Work stools, etc.
  • Electronics lab equipment (Osciliscopes, power supplies etc.)
  • Machine tools (drill press, mill, lathe, welders, etc.)
  • Sewing machines
  • Lockers / storage cabinets
  • Construction supplies for improving the space
  • Robots!

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