3D Printing at Robot Garden

The world of 3D printing has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past few years.  Some of our members’ best prints are included in this article.  Darron decided to print some dinosaur decorations for his son’s birthday party, and it went over very well.


Our most recent addition to our printer team is the TAZ 3D printer.  It is an excellent printer, among the best on the market at this time.  The image below shows it just after finishing a complex tower project without the need for support scaffolding.


This advanced capability reduces the print times to less than half. It also eliminates the need to remove a support structure, thus decreasing the possibility of damaging the piece.  Our inventory of filament colors gives our members plenty of options when they are deciding how they want their project to look (examples below).


Our high-resolution stereolithography printer, from Formlabs, gives our members the ability to craft precise and delicate items for special projects.  The two pendants in the image below are from the same file with the larger one having been scaled to its new size to show the delicate shape of the interior piece.



We are coming upon the time of the year when you need to prepare your gifts for the coming holidays.  Nothing says “I care for you” more that a handmade present.  We recommend that you start your projects now and beat the last minute rush!

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