A Call For Participation

Greetings Makers!

We have a number of active projects ongoing and need your valuable time and assistance in bringing these great endeavors to fruition.

1. 3D Printed Robot Hand

2. ROV/AUV Test Pool

3. Building Automation / Security System

4. Art Cars (we have a bike and just purchased a Rascal!)

5. OpenROV and other ROVs (using the new laser cutter!)

6. CTD (Conductivity, Temperature, Depth) and Water Sampling Suite (intended for ROVs)

7. Quad Copter Race Course

8. Magnetohydrodynamic Thruster…Say that 5 times fast. (this is a cool one)

Do you have any projects that you need help with? Add them in and we’ll get making!

Email us, use meetup.com, or post comments here. Let us know your interests and if you are willing to lead a project, or what you’re ideal involvement level would be.

We’ll be posting meetups for each of these projects soon, so come on by to learn more if you are undecided.

See you soon.

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