Alex Reben – Tribeca triumph

Alex Reben, our first ‘roboticist-at-large’ has created a troupe of film making robots for the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. Based on Alex’s ‘Boxie’ robot for his MIT master’s thesis, the ‘Robots in Residence’ are interviewing Tribeca attendees. Each droid carries a digital camera, a speaker that asks a series of pre-programmed questions to ask whomever it encounters and a button to be pushed to prompt new queries.

“We plan to give the robots to some interesting New Yorkers,” filmmaker Brent Hoff, who is working on the BlabDroid project with Reben, said in an email to Wired. “Hopefully Anthony Weiner and some Broadway types.”

This is part of a shift away from ‘passive’ media in the film festival’s transmedia Storyscapes program and seems to have been a very successful move. Below are links to some of the media, there will be some upcoming stuff as well on the Discovery Channel and the BBC.

We’re delighted that our first “Roboticist in Residence”, Alex Reben and his film maker partner, Brent Hoff are getting so much good publicity for their work – which will be leading to more of their interesting robots! Alex emailed Robot Garden to let us know how the Festival went, “Thanks again for your support, you made this possible.”

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