Info for Teams

We are excited to welcome you to the iGate FIRST LEGO League qualifying tournament at 7693 Longard Rd, Livermore on 18 November, 2012. We have 16 teams coming to the tournament. Please plan on checking in by 8am and being done by 5pm.

We do expect each team to provide one  “day-of” general volunteer and/or bring a challenge table with field sestup kit to be used either in the robot design judging rooms or as shared practice tables in the pit area. Please send that information to Andra Keay,

We will be using the Team Profile form during judging. We request a team picture by Wednesday 3pm for the program. The pit areas will be open to the public – so it will be important for you to manage your own stuff. Can all teams bring a powerstrip.

All team members will receive meal vouchers, as will coaches and volunteers. Some meal vouchers will be available for sale at $4.  Contact us if vegetarian/vegan/special dietary needs.

If your team can NOT attend the tournament, please let me know as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to a great day! Let me know of any suggestions that you have to make it a great day for all! In particular, please let me know if you have any special needs for you or your team.

Finally, if you are NOT the primary contact person for the team, please forward this email and ask him/her to contact me with their email and contact information.