California Academy of Science: Robots Nightlife! – Display Ideas

Greetings Enthusiasts! I hope you all are well. Reviewing the minutes from last weekend – Open Access / CAS and Maker Faire meet-up – we have the following ideas for the California Academy of Science (CAS) Nightlife booth and availability:

1. Small ROV robot on display with controller/PC/video demo

– Just needs a coat of paint and reassembly (some code to complete but a non-issue)              85% Ready
2. Roomba with an anthropomorphic manipulator and vision sensor

– Modules attached, Justin to comment                   75% ?
3. 3D printer / printing demo

– Looks ready, Mike to comment                               90% ?
4. T-shirts, Posters, Hand-outs

What other ideas do you have for the March 7th event?

I think that for the CAS event, we have only a small footprint, say the size of one of the plastic tables at Robot garden. It seems that a robot would really need to either function or entail a descriptive display, giving that “wow, you are doing some interesting things” experience.

Please comment on projects you would be interested in displaying and then we can figure what to focus on.

Do you have a cool project ready to show off? Let us know.

— Jim


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