Concept Art

Robot Garden

This is a picture of the 3D model design for Robot Garden. Counterclockwise from the upper right corner there is a front desk, metalshop, woodshop, playshop (kids 4-12), computer lab, toddler play space, lounge/library, kitchenette, workbenches, 3D printers/laser cutters, textile workshop, and robot arena complete with a pool for aquatic robots.

Front Desk

The front desk will have a computer to check in/out on and book equipment, an iPad cash register, shelving for members’ personal use and to store items for sale, a white board to put messages and prices on, and a bulletin board to put members projects and achievements on.


The metalshop will eventually be an enclosed space for metal work. We are planning to get a CNC mill, a hand mill/lathe, a horizontal band saw, welders, a grinder, a hole punch, a machine for creating scrolls, and a mini mill. Since this equipment can be dangerous to operate, there will be a SBU course in order to access it.


The woodshop will contain equipment for working with softer materials, mainly woods and plastics. It will be an enclosed space with a Shopbot, table saw/router table, drill press, band saw, sander, cross cut saw, vacuum former, and hot plate. Like the metalshop, it will require an SBU class to access the space.


The playshop will be a fenced area for children ~4-11. It will have a variety of activities focused around the idea of designing and building things: computers with design programs, LEGOs, 2D art and design tools, 3D art and modeling tools, kid safe sewing equipment, and books and a lounge. It will be a great place for kids to hang out and learn while parents work on their own projects.

Computer Lab, Toddler playpen, and Lounge

The computer lab, toddler playpen, and lounge areas are all placed with the intention of making Robot Garden a comfortable place to hang out in, whatever your age or phase of life. Computers will have the software to facilitate designing projects parallel to other makers and the lounge area will be a good place to sit and read, work on a tablet or laptop, and socialize. The toddler space is intended to contain an entertain young children who are less capable of staying out of harm’s way while their parents work.


Because what hackerspace would be complete without one? For those devoted makers who are working through mealtimes.

Workspace, 3D printers, and Laser cutters

Four workbenches for making small projects or components in the company of others and a semi-enclosed space with an overhead fume hood for the 3D printers and laser cutters we hope to have.


The textiles area will be equipped with a sewing machine, an industrial sewing machine (for materials such as leather), a CNC embroidery machine, a serger, a long-arm quilter, a station for dyeing, and frames and hoops for fabric painting.

Robot Arena

A large open space with computer docks for working on bigger projects. There is enough floor space to run wheeled and legged robots, airspace for flying robots, and we plan to create a pool for aquatic robots.

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