Coursera: Free Technical Courses On-line: “Control of Mobile Robots”

I’ve participated in a neural network course in October, made available by Coursera is an entrepreneurship company that partners with universities to provide free on-line educational material covering topics from general mathematics, software engineering, networking, to advanced calculus and machine learning. A particularly interesting course starts on January 28th, provided by Georgia Tech. If you know robots, then you know Georgia Tech!

The course is titled “Control of Mobile Robots”, and if your a robot hacker you may be very interested in taking the course with me. We can talk about the classes each week and even meet up to work on topics in the lectures and homework.

Check it out:

It is an introductory course, so to many of us this may be a bit to basic. However, I’ll run a continuing blog about it and give you all the details; as I refresh myself on the basics of control theory.

— Jim

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