DARC and drones

darc-cguinnI was at DARC in New York on the weekend and spoke about Robot Garden, our quadcopter race track and using playful ways to encourage more people, especially women, to engage with technology. I gave a solo Ted style talk and was on the panel for community user groups, joined the Parrot hackathon, saw some amazing displays and met some very cool people.

DARC was the first multidisciplinary conference on drones and aerial robotics. DARC was held at New York University on October 11-13 and organized by the Engelberg Center on Innovation Law and Policy. There were keynotes from Vijay Kumar, U Penn and GRASP Lab, Daniel Suarez, author of “Kill Decision”, Henri Seydoux, CEO of Parrot, Colin Guinn, CEO of DJI Innovations Nth America, Missy Cummings, fighter pilot and aeronautics professor.

Alongside 2 days of curated talks and multi tracks of panels, there was an evening showcase of some of the latest in drone and robotics research, including SenseFly, Fotokite, Berkeley Biomimetic Lab, Nodecopter, RoboBees, Team Black Sheep and Marilyn Monrobot. The hackathon on Sunday teamed over 100 people up with Parrot AR.drones using Nodecopter’s javascript library to hack. Well, the beginner teams were using javascript. I had a (piloted?) flight to catch so I didn’t get to see what some of the serious teams came up with.

There’ll be videos of all the talks and perhaps the evening demos on the DARC site sometime soon.


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