Arduino Day

Happy 11th Birthday Arduino!

Robot Garden will be hosting a birthday party for the little microcontroller “Arduino.”  Our doors will open at 10am March 28th 2014 (170 S Livermore Ave., Livermore, CA).  Since the Arduino ecosystem lives on sharing ideas and experiences, we will provide some demos. But we also encourage anyone who would like to share something, to feel free to bring it along.

Robot Garden has some Arduino Starter Kits locally for sale.

Our goal will be to have an “Intro to Arduino” workshop if people express interest.  The workshop will provide an overview of Arduino and some cool starter projects.  If you have a starter kit already (or just an Arduino board), but never got started playing with it, feel free to bring it as well. Anyone who wants to play along will need a laptop and the Arduino development software (watch MeetUp for the list of requested software).  This workshop would be appropriate for kids younger than 120 and older than 12, if you’re outside that range, send me a note and we can discuss it. The more I know beforehand, the better I can tailor the demos and/or workshops. But we will also have enough people around to help you with your problems or get you started, even if we don’t get a official workshop together. So please, if you’re interested, leave a comment here at our MeetUp or send me an email at <a>arduinoD15 at bytesalad dot org</a> 😉

Some of my experiments with different Arduinos are here:

Alicia(?) & Marco – Robot Garden Arduino Day Host

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