Aviation Explorer Post #997 – Airplane Build

We have a number of hands-on building projects to undertake. We will be starting with some basic sheetmetal skills and work our way up to building an actual plane.

This Meetup is for Aviation Explorer Post members as well as registered Robot Garden members – and for people interested in joining us.

If you are interested in joining the Explorer Post or Robot Garden, you are welcome to attend as a visitor. But, because we will be meeting at a live airport with moving planes & propellers, this event is not open to the general public. Do to safety concerns, we will be limiting the number of visitors to each of these Meetups. So, RSVP early.

We will be meeting at various locations at the airport. They are not always easy to find. RSVP to the Meetup and we can provide you with additional directions.

Note that it is an FAA federal offense to drive a vehicle on the airport grounds (inside the fence line) without proper authorization. So, park only in public areas outside the secure fence line.

Depending upon where we meet on the airport grounds, we will provide parking details each time we meet.

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