Aviation Explorer Post #997 – Build An Airplane


To get easier access to the needed tools, we’ve moved our location from an indoor meeting room to an unheated hangar. Weather shows that it will be chilly in the morning. (50-55 degrees) Be sure to bring gloves, a hat and layers to keep warm. I’ll have hot chocolate on hand as a backup.


Our next meeting will be this Saturday, 2/25 from 10am to noon at Hangar #102 at the Livermore Airport. We are going to get some hands-on experience with what it takes to build an airplane. Van’s Aircraft, one of the most popular homebuilder plane suppliers, has an aluminum toolbox kit they make available as a practice project for new plane builders. With this fun project you’ll get experience prepping aluminum sheets and riveting. We also have a few small wing sections to build.

Practice Project – Toolbox
Practice Project – Wing section

We will supply the kits. There is no cost to participate. But, if you decide to keep what you’ve built, we’ll charge you the $28 or $35 cost for the kit. Otherwise, we’ll keep them as samples for future explorer post presentations and/or for local schools.

While you’re building the toolboxes we’ll have some lively aviation related conversations and answer questions for you. If we can line up some pilots, we’ll also do more of the free Young Eagle flights. (http://www.youngeagles.org)

If time allows, we’ll make a brief trek to the new hangar space our Explorer Post is setting up for future use at the Livermore Airport. We are working to set up a small aviation focused makerspace in this hangar.

We’ll meet at Fiver Rivers Aviation
700 Terminal Cir, Livermore, CA 94551

Parents of Explorer Post members are encouraged to attend all meetings! But, it isn’t mandatory. However, first time visitors under the age of 18 *must* attend with their parents.

Breakfast Beforehand — If you are able to make it, you can join my family and the local pilot community for breakfast before our meeting. Local pilots have an informal breakfast every Saturday at 8am at Shari’s restaurant in Livermore. Space is limited so we’ll likely set up at our own nearby tables. But, we’ll still have plenty of opportunity to chat with the pilots there. This is a great networking opportunity to meet people with many contacts within the aviation and aerospace industries.

Shari’s Restaurant – Village Inn, 1116 E Stanley Blvd, Livermore, CA 94550

Our Aviation Explorer Post is a program run under the umbrella of the Boy Scouts of America. We are a coed program for youth aged 14 through 20. Annual membership for the post is $24. Some activities will incur additional costs. More information is available on our website.

 – http://www.post997.org
 – http://www.exploring.org

Aviation Explorer Post #997 is sponsored by Robot Garden. Our mutual goal is to facilitate STEM career exploration within the aviation and aerospace industries. Our program includes various informal STEM learning projects, presentations, tours and hands-on makerspace activities.
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