Call for Hobbyists, Mentors, Makers & Volunteers

Robot Garden brings together meeting space, a set of equipment & resources, and a group of people who enjoy learning, building, making and creating together. We are facilitators of people’s ideas. We have moved to a larger space and are looking to increase the types of activities offered in the locations where we operate.

We are reaching out to our community of makers to lead or help lead new classes & activities that are of most interest to them. These are opportunities to share your favorite activity with others. Below are some suggested offerings. Bring your own ideas if you don’t see your interests listed.

• Intro to Electricity & Electronics
• Intro to Programmable Drones
• Intro to Robotics – Sensors, Pistons, Motors & Controllers
• Intro to Astronomy – telescopes & binoculars
• Intro to Software Development
• Intro to 3D CAD/CAM Design Software
• Fix-It-Clinics
• Intro to Photography
• Intro to Welding & Metal Crafting
• Intro to Woodworking Tools – Hand Tools v.s. Power Tools
• Intro to Woodworking – Joinery
• Mold Making & Casting
• Fix-It-Clinics (at local libraries)
• Rube Goldberg Play Days
• Cardboard Engineering & Build Days
• Guided Playtime w/ Tech & Building Toys
• Locksmithing & Lockpicking
• Sewing, Weaving, Knotting & Embroidering
• The Art & Science of Origami
• Intro to Jewelry Making
• Intro to Candle Making
• Intro to Soap Making
• Intro to Lapidary – Cutting, Shaping and Polishing Stones
• A topic or activity of your choosing

We have several locations available to use for classes, workshops and meetings. Activities can be scheduled for any of these locations as appropriate. These are the locations we inhabit:

• The Switch (RG’s primary location) – 1911 Second St, Livermore, CA 94550
• Livermore Municipal Airport @ Five Rivers Aviation
• Livermore Municipal Airport @ our own hanger #102
• Livermore Public Library
• Pleasanton Public Library
• Dublin Public Library

Come use our space and the spaces to which we have access. Use them to build a community of like minded people who enjoy your favorite activities and pursuits.

We have several Special Interest Groups that already meet on a regular basis. These SIG’s are for people of varying skills and capabilities – from beginners to those with more advanced skills and experience. These groups meet to collaborate on projects, learn from each other, and have some fun. We are looking to start up and host additional SIG’s. Contact us if you’d like to help build a SIG around a favorite topic of your own:

• Microcontrollers & Electronics SIG (mostly Arduino & Raspberry Pi projects)
• PRSG ][ SIG (Programming Robots Study Group)
• Amateur Radio SIG
• Automation & Aquaponics SIG
• Battlebots SIG
• RC2Robot SIG (Robogames RoboMagellan projects)
• Sewing, Weaving & Embroidery SIG – needs new organizer
• SIG of your own choosing

We have several youth programs running activities out of our various locations. We are able to host a select few more. We are also working to start offering activities/classes to allow scouts to earn their badges & merit badges. We’ll announce details as we sort this out with local scouting districts. These groups are often in need of mentors & volunteers so show up to this Meetup to learn more.

• Girl Scout Robotics Troop # 30226
• Boy Scouts Robotics Explorer Post # 987
• Boy Scouts Aviation Explorer Post # 997
• Boy Scouts Aviation Explorer Club # 997
• Tri-Valley Coderdojo

We have several hobby groups with which we collaborate. They use our spaces to meet and offer activities to their members. We are looking to collaborate with more local hobby groups to offer more activities to their members and to the public. Contact us for details.

• Livermore Amateur Radio Klub (LARK)
• Livermore Flying Electrons (RC planes)
• Livermore Valley Lithophiles (geology)

We also offer classes & activities around the following equipment. Additional classes & activities can be accommodated if you have a creative use for this equipment:

• 3D printers
• Laser Cutter
• CNC Milling machines (for wood, plastic & metal)

These classes, activities, Special Interest Groups (SIG’s), and other groups provide opportunities to socialize with like-minded people. Join us if you want to help grow this community. Join us if you have an activity you love and want to share with others. Join us if you are a retiree with skills & interests to share.

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This Meetup will recur on a monthly basis. Contact Tom Manger with questions or if you are not able to attend the Meetup. – / 415-706-8264 – cell

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