CNC Routing Introduction, Safety & Basic Use (SBU) [Members Only]

In this class you will learn how to operate the ProCNC 4848 4’x4′ router safely. Everyone will get to choose from a set of sample projects and learn to use the Mach3 software package to send the GCode to the CNC.

This is not a class in 3D modeling nor in how to generate GCode from a 3D model. Rather, it assumes GCode has been produced to run on the CNC. To learn how to create models and GCode, refer to the tutorial videos below.

Class materials: CNC Pro4848 Guidelines

Prerequisites: none


“Fusion 360 for Beginners” videos:

View Fusion 360 Cam tutorial videos, starting with “How to learn Fusion 360 CAM – Basic – Chapter 1”:

$10 materials & processing fee

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