Curiosity Hacked Guild 041 Open Lab

Curiosity Hacked (formerly known as Hacker Scouts) guild 041 will hold an open lab on Saturday Feb 8th, 2014. Kids 8 years or older are welcome to stop by. We ask at least one parent to stay with their kid(s) during the entire meeting.  The program is free, but the materials fee is $5 to $10.  We would then donate it to Robot Garden who is hosting us. RSVP is very helpful.  We are hosting this meeting on Sundays starting this week.

The projects we are considering for this meeting are:

-Circuit Surfer Game ($5 material fee)

-Rubberband helicopters ($5 material fee), finally got the props after 3 months

-Projects from prior meetings

For more information about Curiosity Hacked, please visit:  

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