DIY Scanner

Do it yourself 3D SCANNER!

3D scanners convert an object into digital data

• Want to Help Robot Garden build a 3D scanner?

• Want to build your own 3D scanner?

• Capture Objects and Surfaces and turn them into high quality 3D models!

• Use 3D scanning for reverse engineering, inspection, digital archiving and 3D printing.

Some Models

• Ciclop

• Atlas 3d

Eora 3D



Other Resources

• Ciclop Kits (~$135): 3d printers online store; RepRap Mall 

• Assembly video

• Lulz, the maker of our TAZ 3D printer, offers the Ciclop as a kit

• 3D models: Thingiverse; Github

• Horus scanner software; Horus firmware

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