Electronics Soldering SBU

Learn to assemble circuit boards with an iron and solder.

A soldering kit is required for this class. You can purchase one of our stock kits from our store or in person at the time of the class. If you have your own basic (through hole, not surface mount) soldering project, it’s also possible to bring that in but please seek instructor approval first. A future course will cover surface mount (SMT) soldering.

The soldering kits cost $10 and the class is $10 for non-members or free for members. Join as a member and get a whole month of SBU classes for free! 

• “Robot Badge” kit

• Battery tester kit 

• One page Soldering is Easy handout by Mitch Altman

• Full Soldering is Easy comic by Mitch Altman

• Hakko FX-888 Soldering Iron Manual

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