Freecad study group

FreeCAD is an open source CAD modeling tool. With FreeCAD you can design and 3d print your own projects. Best of all, it’s FREE!

Our purpose is to study and learn FreeCAD together. Depending on interest, we’ll plan these every other week. We’ll cover as much as we can each time but mainly we want to learn and have fun.

Bring your own computer. Below are install links if you want to install FreeCAD before the meetup. FreeCAD is available for Linux, Windows and Mac.  It is important that you are at version 0.14 Revision 3702 or newer as previous versions have issues.  The primary instructions are located here:

Linux (Ubuntu-based)



This meeting:

Install Freecad, primatives, sketches, pads and pockets. We plan to demonstrate designing a pencil box.

Future meetings:

Workbenches, pads, boolean operations, lofts, arrays, filet, chamfer, axis rotation, text, exporting and formats, slicer, printrun.

Challenges encountered, OpenSCAD, Python, resources: forums, GrabCAD, Thingiverse.

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