Hackster Hardware Hacks

Hackster Live!

These hands-on workshops demonstrates how to hack with hardware.  Since there are limits on hardware availability, we’ll have a bit of a mixed bag and you can choose a project and borrow some hardware.

Example projects:

1) Weather Station with Particle Photon

2) NXP Kinesis Projects

3) Amazon Alexa Skill Building

4) Intel Edison + Grove Kit

5) Arduino MKR1000 Projects

You must bring your own laptop.  Hardware generously provided by Hackster and their sponsors including Microsoft, Particle, NXP, Amazon, Intel, and Mouser.

Some of the newest projects with Intel Edison are described here:

Tweet Monkey

• iot tutorial

• Intel Edison Webserver

Conversations on the #hackster slack channel:  https://robotgarden.slack.com/archives/hackster

With sponsorship from Hackster.IO we’ll have opportunities to compete in contests and get discounts / access to hardware and new gear to experiment with.

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