Hackster Live! Hardware Hacking a Weather Station

This hands-on workshop demonstrates how to leverage Particle Core and Microsoft Azure Cloud to create a weather station using the DHT11 temperature-humidity sensor.

You must bring your own laptop.

Unless you already have hardware to bring with you, I’ll be placing an advance order.  Please contact me to provide a payment of approximately $30 to confirm attendance and cover the costs to order. You will of course get to keep the Particle Core and DHT11.

The workshop will take about 2 hours after which you are welcomed to stick around to show and tell other projects and socialize.  

I also will have a number of other sensors and ideas to try out for more advanced makers:

• NXP Kinetis + Wifi for comparison

• LED Signals and Photon to Photon Signaling

• DHT22 (More precision)

• RFID Proximity Detection / Alert (Reactive weather station)

• Vibration Sensor (Earthquake Detection)

• UV Extension (Sunscreen reminder)

• High Accuracy Temp / Humidity Extension

• Thermopile Extension (Cooking on the sidewalk applications)

• Barometric Pressure / Altitude Extension (More data!)

You can take a sneak peak at the material here: https://www.hackster.io/team-dx-hackers/hands-on-lab-particle-core-weather-station-in-azure-2f4f2a

Conversations on the #hackster slack channel:  https://robotgarden.slack.com/archives/hackster

With sponsorship from Hackster.IO we’ll have opportunities to compete in contests and get discounts / access to hardware and new gear to experiment with.

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