Hardware Hacking a Weather Station

Hackster Live!

This hands-on workshop demonstrates how to leverage Particle Core and Microsoft Azure Cloud to create a weather station using the DHT11 temperature-humidity sensor.

You must bring your own laptop.  Headphones are also helpful.

Unless you already have hardware to bring with you, I can place an advance order.  Please contact me to provide a payment of approximately $30 to confirm attendance and cover costs to order. You will of course get to keep the Particle Core and DHT11.  If you don’t make arrangements with me, you won’t have hardware to do the workshop.

The workshop will take about 2-3 hours to complete.

I also will have a number of other sensors and ideas to try out for more advanced makers:

• NXP Kinetis + Wifi for comparison

• LED Signals and Photon to Photon Signaling

• DHT22 (More precision)

• RFID Proximity Detection / Alert (Reactive weather station)

• Vibration Sensor (Earthquake Detection)

• UV Extension (Sunscreen reminder)

• High Accuracy Temp / Humidity Extension

• Thermopile Extension (Cooking on the sidewalk applications)

• Barometric Pressure / Altitude Extension (More data!)

You can take a sneak peak at the material here: https://www.hackster.io/team-dx-hackers/hands-on-lab-particle-core-weather-station-in-azure-2f4f2a

Conversations on the #hackster slack channel:  https://robotgarden.slack.com/archives/hackster

With sponsorship from Hackster.IO we’ll have opportunities to compete in contests and get discounts / access to hardware and new gear to experiment with.

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