Intro & SBU for CNC Routing of Metal (Members Only)

This class will build on the CNC Routing for Wood course and covering how to cut metals using our CNC Router and Autodesk Fusion 360.  Special attention will be placed on how to determine the right speeds and feeds.  Tool selection and metalworking safety will also be discussed.  Everyone will cut a small clamping block from aluminum to get some first hand experience.  

At the end of my session, our goal is for students to know:

-Review of safety, highlighting special metal concerns

-What tool types to select, and tool specs based on material they’re cutting

-How to select speeds and feed, and test/tweak


1) Must have attended the CNC Routing of Wood on 11/19

2)Must bring a laptop with Autodesk Fusion 360 Installed

3) $10 fee for materials & processing (Metal stock for student cutting)

Recommended: See this video on determining RPM Speeds (note the formula shown is only valid for Imperial Units). 

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