MPP – Makerspace Project Party

• What we’ll do
We’re going to discuss maker projects that we long to start and/or finish.

Some are big. Some are small. But, we all have maker projects we never start. Others have projects they start but never finish. Time, money, space, school, work, family or other issues always impact our ability to work on our pet projects.

If you need help starting a maker project, finishing one, or you have some free time and are looking for something fun to do, come join us to discuss your projects and what is needed to either start or finish them.

If you can’t make it to this Meetup, send me an email describing either your project or your interest in helping with other projects. We will likely make a webpage for these projects. We’ll use this webpage to catalog the unstarted/unfinished projects; and we’ll use it to recruit others to help.

Come prepared with info about your project. Here is an example of one of my never-got-it-started projects:


Project Name — Vertical Wind Table

Project Status — Not Started

Description — A device that provides a vortex-free column of vertical air that can be used to test a small object for airworthiness. Intended for use with children wherein they build their own planes & whirligigs and test to see if they fly. Consists of a fan pointing upwards; a series of tubes to minimize vortexes; and a surrounding enclosure to ensure kids don’t get hurt.

What I Have — A powerful 30″ fan; plastic tubes to ensure a clean column of air

What I Need — A design for the enclosure; parts for the enclosure; time & tools

Design Considerations — This needs to be kid proof. I can make the enclosure out of either wood or (sheet) metal. I have much less experience with sheet metal. Would like it to be portable so weight and size are considerations. I would like it to be used as a kinetic attraction at Robot Garden events around the Tri-Valley.


If you know of any local school teachers who need classroom demonstration items built, fixed, or otherwise worked on, bring info about the project so you can recruit others to help!

Contact me directly with questions, your interests in helping, or a description of your unfinished project. —

• What to bring
Bring your enthusiasm, ideas & willingness to help. If you want to create a one-page description of your project and print out a few copies, that would be helpful to have.

• Important to know
This Meetup is for all makers. You do not have to be a Robot Garden member to join in. Please, sign our online waiver before attending —

We will be meeting in the back of the building at The Switch. The door will be locked, so ring the doorbell and someone will let you in.

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