Opensource Mars Rover – Design & Build Meeting

Robot Garden recently received a grant to build a NASA inspired opensource Mars Rover. In the hopes of involving lots of different people, we are doing this as a “community build”.

We are planning to make significant modifications to the design originally presented by NASA. With these changes, there will be plenty of ways for people with various skill sets to get involved.

In fact, our modifications are planned specifically so that many other local groups and individuals can participate and contribute. The build will be modular so that different components can be designed and built by different groups. Components can be added or swapped out over time.

We will start with a basic radio-controlled rover. Over time we will add modules for command line navigation, autonomous navigation, robotic arms, multiple cameras, rock & plant identification, weather station, etc.

We want lots of people involved in this project. If you would like to participate, please, join us at any one of the ongoing meetings. Or, contact Tom Manger directly via the Meetup Message feature.

Individuals not associated with a group are welcome to get directly involved with the project. Below is a preliminary (but not yet verified) list of groups we hope to get involved in this project.


Robot Garden
– robotic systems design & construction
– autonomous navigation module
– command line control module
– motor controller module
– battery management
– power distribution
– robotic arm assembly

NorCal Mars Society
– high level design
– public outreach
– Rover testing
– documentation & educational materials

Livermore Amateur Radio Club
– Wireless Communications Plan
– Amateur TV module
– Livermore Valley Lithophiles
– mineral identification module

TriValley Stargazers

Livermore Flying Electrons
– RC control module
– Tri-Valley Coderdojo
– systems programming

Girl Scout Troop #30226
– circuit board design & construction

Aviation Explorer Post #997
– any sheet metal work

Robotics Explorer Post #987
– metal fabrication

Del Arroyo 4-H
– circuit board design & construction

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