Positrons, Lasers and Robots: How close is our tech to Isaac Asimov’s?

This talk uses the prolific science fiction writer Isaac Asimov’s vision of the future as a platform to explore some of the current science and technology being pursued at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Topics include antimatter, high performance computing, laboratory astrophysics, fusion, and robotics.

Presented by: Scott Wilks, Physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Dr. Wilks received his B.A. degree in physics from U.C. Berkeley and his PhD. in plasma physics from U.C.L.A. Since then, he has been a research scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. His area of expertise is the application of computer simulation to the design and understanding of high intensity laser matter experiments. He was a recipient of the American Physical Society’s “Excellence in Plasma Physics Research” award in 2006. He became a Fellow of the APS (nominated by the Division of Plasma Physics) in 2009.

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