Pre-Halloween Laser-cut Masks Class

Learn about laser cutters and collaborate with Robot Garden to make your own laser-cut Halloween mask to take home!

Whether you’re a superhero or an enchanted princess this Halloween, a mask completes the costume. At Robot Garden we can use our laser cutter to make the perfect mask custom-fit for you!

Lasers are a great prototyping tool for making rapid precision cuts and engraving in many materials including paper, plastics, wood and rubber.

Walk into our class and walk out with your very own custom mask in-hand. We will be providing an overview of how the laser cutter works, basic safety, file formatting and preparation, followed by demonstrations and fabricating masks.

Conceal your identity in a custom-created way… with your very own laser-cut mask!

This is a family-friendly class! The charge for this 2 hour course is $25 for adults (+$5 for accompanying child under 18). Children are not eligible to participate in this course alone.

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