Programming Robots Study Group

Robots are coming! Let’s be ready to program them 🙂

Session 3, continued – See

• This group is for aspiring roboticists. There is no charge. This meetup occurs during Robot Garden’s weekly open access. We move quickly through the material, so programming experience comes in handy. Persons under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver and must be accompanied.

• Missed a session? You can catch up online! See Programming Robots Study Group session notes at

• Remember to bring your computer WITH ROS DESKTOP. Using our Virtual Machine on your PC satisfies this requirement. Our virtual machine has the relevant software pre-installed. Read about it here:

• Continuing work on the ROS tutorials: we created a workspace and created a package. We’ll pick up with creating a msg file, a simple publisher and subscriber in Python and if we have time create a service and client in Python.

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