Programming Robots Study Group – Hardware Lab 3

Robots are coming! Let’s be ready to BUILD them 🙂

Hardware Lab 3

• This group is for aspiring roboticists. There is no charge. This meetup occurs during Robot Garden’s weekly open access. Persons under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver and must be accompanied.

• Missed a session? You can catch up online! See Programming Robots Study Group lab notes at

• Continuing work on the hardware for our ROS ROV. We’ll be using parts from the Teensy kit. We still have kits for sale!

What we’ll cover

• Logic operators and transistor transistor logic (TTL): We’ve got a number of integrated circuits in our kit. We’ll learn a little about boolean logic and TTL.

• Building a circuit using a miniature reflective object sensor: You have a digital QRE1113 in the kit.

• Building a dual motor driver with Arduino using a SN754410NE Quad Half H-Bridge.

• If we have time, using the SEN-12617 for wheel encoding. This uses a similar sensor to the one in our kit, the QRE1113GR.

• Remember to bring your computer WITH ROS DESKTOP. Using our Virtual Machine on your PC satisfies this requirement. Our virtual machine has the relevant software pre-installed. Read about it here:

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