Pure Rockets High Powered Drones

PureRockets, Inc. builds high-powered drones for heavy lifting and high speed flight. The working prototype is expected to reach Mach .5. The next version will support human lifting for rescue or sport use for short flights, and without a payload should reach near supersonic flight speeds.

Also under construction is a working Iron Man suit that anyone can use without flight experience. Just strap it and take off! You will fly either through remote control by an experienced pilot or self-piloted through an easy and intuitive body gesture flight control system. Remembers Superman’s “Up up and away”? You got it! The system also includes a full heads up display and Jarvis voice control.

“Jarvis, take me straight up 100 feet, hover for 10 seconds, and land.”

“As you wish, Sir”

Also ask about their Mars mission!

Pure Rockets YouTube channel and an awesome display of power: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4C_glQzfJFA

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