Hotdogs, Hamburgers & FLL Robots

Help make this First Lego League competition a success!

We are going to help feed the contestants and their families. We’ll raise some money for Robot Garden at the same time.

This competition is for 16 teams in the East Bay. There will be 200+ youth competitors, parents, family and volunteers at this event. This is taking place in ~12,000 sqft of hangar space at the airport, so there will be plenty of room. And, we’re expecting good weather.

At the competition, we’ll BBQ hamburgers & hotdogs then offer them with chips & drinks to make a bit of money for RG. They do this type of BBQ fundraiser on a weekly basis at the airport (during the warmer months for other aviation groups) so they have a barbecue and coolers all ready for us to use. 

I’ll pick up the food at Costco. But, I’ll need people to help cook, serve, collect money & keep things organized. Please, RSVP if you are able to help. I would like 3-6 people available to help.

This Meetup is only for the 11am to 2pm time slot when we’ll be providing food. No need to stick around beyond that. The competition and judging takes place from 8am to 4pm. 

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