Robots for kids

Robot Garden is a robotics focused STEM friendly maker space. Many folks have expressed interest in introducing robotics to children and educating  them in mechatronics.

This is an organization and brain storming session. While this isn’t a class to teach robotics, that’s one outcome.

This is for adults planning, not an activity for children.

Some topic areas

What are our shared objectives?

How can we reach out to teachers and others?

How do we achieve these objectives?

We have a repository in github for our ideas:

And an as yet simple outline for the session, which will evolve as we progress:

Let’s get together!

IMAGES AND RECORDING: Robot Garden has cameras in place for safety and security. By entering the facility or participating in activities at Robot Garden, the participant agrees to have their image and or voice recorded by Robot Garden, it’s staff, volunteers or other participants and that those images may be posted online.

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