Slicing 3D printable files with SLIC3R

Tired of 3D printers that do it all for you, but give you very little control? [Afinia users pay attention] For only $25 you can!

Break free from your chains!

This demonstration course will:

• Give you tools and knowledge that enable 3d printing, particularly on the Rostock Max

• Show you how to have greater control over your prints.

• Show you the basics about Slicing and Slicing profiles

• Teach you something about REPRAP printers

• Teach you something about GCode.

Due to the advanced nature of the topic, attendees must be 14 years of age or older.

Those interested in learning how to take a 3d model and prepare it for a 3d printer are encouraged to attend.

This course will not cover doing an actual print on a 3d printer.

This course will be geared towards enabling people to slice for the Rostock Max at Robot Garden.

IMAGES AND RECORDING: Robot Garden has cameras in place for safety and security. By entering the facility or participating in activities at Robot Garden, the participant agrees to have their image and or voice recorded by Robot Garden, it’s staff, volunteers or other participants and that those images may be posted online.

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