Taz 5 build


Robot Garden and i-Gate have collaborated on buying a Lulzbot Taz 5. It will arrive shortly. We plan to have a group build empowering multiple folks with the knowledge of how this machine is assembled and some place to start when service is needed.

All of the Taz documentation is WONDERFUL!  Spend some time with it – it really helped me get my Taz up and running and taught me a lot about the basics of 3d printing.

• Quick Start guide – this will ship with the printer as well, but here’s the online document.  It takes you through unboxing, assembling, setting Z, leveling and your first print.

• Taz full user guide – the complete document on the Taz, including maintenance, Slic3r/Cura information, temperatures etc.  This too will come with the printer.

• Other important links – a jump off page for all downloads related to the Tax

Cura Lulz edition – preloaded with Lulz configuration and some profiles.

Taz profiles for all filaments available for sale from Lulzbot.

• Taz community – Rich wealth of forums, and links to other resources such as CAD products etc.

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