Fixing AR.drone with 3D printed part 3


How great to have the 3D printing Safety and Basic Usage workshop happening while I was trying to repair our broken Parrot AR.drone! Instead of sending away for a whole new central cross, the group printed a couple of pieces that can reinforce the patched up old framework.

We haven’t tested fully in flight yet, to give the glue a chance to strengthen but everything went back together. It initializes and the frame feels really solid instead of the loose wiggly propellor arms that you get when you drop the copter from a height and snap the central cross in two.

If it tests ok at the Quadcopter SBU tomorrow then we’ll happily share the new .stl files. Thanks to James Nugen and Michael Harries for their help! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Fixing AR.drone with 3D printed part

  1. jim Aug 22,2013 11:09 pm

    How did it turn out?

    • Daniel Aug 26,2013 8:05 am

      It flew great for awhile but the first hard landing after the fix and it popped again. My guess is that the glue holding the 3D printed parts to the original structure failed.

      • Andra Aug 31,2013 7:06 am

        Crash may be better word than hard landing. 2nd iteration of repair will actually connect the two plates with a nut/bolt or even printed plastic clip.

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