LASER Cutter and OpenROV 2

Greetings enthusiasts!

Here’s a project that we are looking for people to help out with —

With our new LASER cutter, our ROV/AUV interest group would like to build an OpenROV using the open source B.O.M. and instructions offered by the great makers at OpenROV in Berkeley. Take at look at the BOM and OpenROV site and let us know if your interested.

Active membership and involvement in the project will teach you LASER cutting, safety and basic usage, and free time on the LASER cutter for your own projects! More details to follow and be sure to stop by this weekend for the wood shop SBU, pool frame build, ROV/AUV interest group, and general maker mayhem.

— Jim

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2 thoughts on “LASER Cutter and OpenROV

  1. Peter Christensen Jun 15,2013 7:39 am

    I’d really like to help with it. I’ve been involved with the OpenROV team but haven’t been able to buy my own kit. I’m basically unavailable until July though 🙁

    Please post any ROV days to the meetup list and I’ll do my best to make it!

  2. Jim Jun 16,2013 1:09 am

    Hay Peter! Thanks for the ping. Yes, I’ve noticed your name here and there on the OpenROV site. It will be good to meet you. We are also converting a 27×18 truck dock into an ROV/AUV pool out here in Livermore this weekend so we will have a test tank in a few weeks. Also, I have built two ROVs on my own and working on a third (not OpenROVs) so this thould be a good learning expereince. I think that we will start getting materials in July anyway, so you will not miss anything.

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