LASER Cutter/Engraver SBU – Aug. 31st!









  • Greetings enthusiasts! We will be offering our LASER cutter/engraver SBU on the 31st to all members. This will be a two how SBU and will require you to take notes to ensure safe and proper usage of the unit. A handout with device safety and a brief tutorial will be given to all participating members, as well as useful links to help you on your way. We will also introduce an equipment sign-up sheet to ensure that everyone who wants to use the cutter/engraver and other shop equipment, gets a fair turn at them.
  •  This will also entail a brief safety overview of the wood shop. However, we will not be reviewing the individual wood shop equipment, as this is requires another SBU and will be scheduled shortly.

    See you then!


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