Maker Faire Discussion – Saturday Open Access – May 4th

Greetings enthusiast! We have some exciting events coming up. The big one, the Maker Faire, will be taking place May 17, 18, and 19th. We hope you will participate, showcasing your projects and / or ideas.

This open access I would like to dedicate to brain storming project work. IF you have ideas or projects you would like to display, bring it!

Here  are the projects we have on the books. We need your help to bring this ideas across the line, so if your interested, email me! neilanj1 (at) nku (dot) edu. With the at and dot replaced with the appropriate ASCII key character.

  • Kinect / Robot Arm – mirroring people movements using the kinect, ros, and the cardboard robot arm.
  • Turtle bot and AR Drone tracking platform – Have the AR Dron hover over the turtlebot as it navigates our display area.
  • OmNom – Micheal Howland’s 3D printer material reuse project. This is a great project and will be one of the main showcases at our booth.
  • iGate video demo
  • EZRobot display – Oliver is working on a creative use of the EZ-Robot kit.
  • Robot Garden Bike – Plants, smoke cannon, and one hell of a ride!
  • ROV display – a work in progress

Please let me know if you are interested in helping in on one of these projects or if you have one you’d like to share!

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