Nation of Makers gathering

Whitehouse steps

The Nation of Makers event on August 24 2016 was hosted by the Whitehouse and the Office of Science Technology Policy (OSTP). Robot Garden was invited and Steve was able to attend on our behalf. It was a very full agenda with more than 200 makerspace organizers from all over the USA, including Hawaii and Alaska.

America has always been a nation of tinkerers, inventors and entrepreneurs. In recent years, a growing number of Americans have gained access to technologies such as 3D printers, laser cutters, easy-to-use design software, and desktop machine tools. This, in combination with freely available information about how to use, modify, and build upon these technologies and the availability of crowd funding platforms, is enabling more Americans to design and build almost anything.”

This was a follow on to the National Makers Week in June and represents an optimistic commitment to keeping the maker movement on the agenda regardless of the next administration.

“Empowering students and adults to create, innovate, tinker, and make their ideas and solutions into reality is at the heart of the Maker Movement. Since the first-ever White House Maker Faire, the White House has continued to support opportunities for students to learn about STEM through making, expand the resources available for maker entrepreneurs, and foster the development of advanced manufacturing in the U.S.”

Robot Garden will have a series of meetups going into more detail on various topics covered during the Nation of Makers event. As another follow up, there’ll also be a facebook group, slack channel and github connecting Makerspace organizers across the USA.


Laser Cutting/Engraving Safety and Basic Usage Class – September 3 – 11am

Laser Cutting/Engraving SBU

Saturday, Sep 3, 2016, 11:00 AM

Robot Garden
170 S Livermore Ave. Livermore, CA

1 Makers & Mechanics Attending

Learn to use Robot Garden’s 40W CO2 laser cutter / engraver. We will cover basic shop safety, operation, and emergency procedures that you will need to know in operating our FullSpectrum 20″x12″ 40W CO2 laser. After taking this course, you’ll be checked off to use the laser for your projects.The class manual is available online and should be revie…

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Robot Garden “How does my garden grow” – September 3 – 1pm

Robot Garden: How does your garden grow?

Saturday, Sep 3, 2016, 1:00 PM

Robot Garden
170 S Livermore Ave. Livermore, CA

4 Makers & Mechanics Attending

Robot Garden needs a garden. Please join us to plan for how to setup a hanging garden in our north courtyard. I recommend we start with some small projects to determine how to best plan, build & manage a community garden. Here are a few examples of Community Garden in our area:/ http://www.larpd.or…

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“RobotGarden.js: how to npm” – September 3 – 1.30pm

RobotGarden.js: how to npm (4)

Saturday, Sep 3, 2016, 1:30 PM

Robot Garden
2324 Second Street Livermore, CA

3 Makers & Mechanics Attending

RobotGarden.jsThis series of workshops is intended for any experience level to learn and improve with JavaScript, Node.js and related libraries.  JavaScript is useful as a general purpose language but also for a wide range of applications including web development, computer graphics, games, and robotics.  We’ll lead up to covering topics related t…

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Robot Garden (  is a not-for-profit makerspace based at The Switch in central Livermore. We have 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, hand tools, electronics equipment and robots. Become a monthly member to use our space in evenings and weekends. Come to any of our classes, special interest groups, tours or community meetings to meet us and have a look around. See our website or meetup for the calendar.



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