Oliver Rice – Turtlebots

This is a slightly late introduction to Oliver Rice, our newest ‘roboticist in residence’. Most of you have met Oliver on the weekends as he’s been working away on various robot platforms. Oliver is an Australian roboticist who is looking for work in the US and wanted to spend his spare time building robots. Scratch that, Oliver now has work with Revolve Robotics, based at Lemnos Labs in SF, who created the Kubi telepresence platform.

Oliver’s been trying to build us a ‘cloud robot’ on our EZ-Robot platform for Maker Faire – one that will tweet tweets in some unusual ways courtesy of some smart synthesizing. The only problem is that he’s just met our new Turtlebot – a donation from the wonderful Melonee Wise of the original Turtlebot team.

I fear that the Turtlebot is luring Oliver away from his cloud robot. (Oliver pictured reimaging the Turtlebot netbook and updating the ROS install)

Big thanks to Oliver – and best wishes for his new job! And also big big thanks to Melonee for our new Turtlebot!


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