OmNom Project at Make Showcase

OmNom Project and Robot Garden are showcasing at Make Hardware Innovation Showcase in San Mateo. OmNom is a very early prototype 3d filament recycler/creator built by Michael Howland of EMH Studios and is our first ‘Robot Garden maker project’. OmNom may be the first functional 3d plastics recycler and was spinning out some of its first filament yesterday in spite of being in an outdoor windtunnel location. Kudos to Michael and Marybeth for pulling all nighters getting OmNom ready to take the stage at HIW and upcoming Maker Faire!

We were in great company with some fantastic hardware innovations on showcase – particularly but not limited to: Otherfab from Otherlab, Dash Robotics, Tesseract Industrial, Handibot from Shopbot, Plethora, Makielab, Spark Devices, Circuits IO and Nanosatisfi.

We also met some great makers and makerspaces, including Loyal from Vancouver Hack Space, and Robert from John Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, who’s building a makerspace and finds our partnership model interesting.

Plus we said hi to Brook Dunn from Printrbot who was stoked to see one of his early models in supporting role to OmNom – Brook’s about to launch a $299 Simple printrbot and is also working on printing conductive materials. We totally fell in love with Otherlab’s Otherfab and Shopbot’s Handibot among other great things and more top news:

Today, Carl Bass from Autodesk announced that Autodesk Fusion will be free to makers, hackers and startups. Basically anyone earning <$250000 can have full Autodesk for free. This is an amazing and interesting move because Bass also pointed out that the majority of Autodesk’s customers, by an order of magnitude, are the hobbyists, not the commercial/industrial customers. Bass also said that 61% of makers on Autodesk are female which is an unusually large statistic, and 28% of makers are in emerging countries. Overall there are 126 million makers on Autodesk producing 43 million pieces of content each week.

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