Open Access ends in September


The Robot Garden Community Meeting on Saturday Sept 10 was well attended with discussion on equipment, open access, new classes and upcoming expo at the DENT:Space exhibition. BTW. Garden volunteers will be helping the Viking Preservation Project to run Viking replica building workshops on Sept 21- 22. We’re collecting scrap – particularly silver/grey tape and tubes, pipes, struts.

On September 21-22, 2016, Dent:Space ( takes place at the Innovation Hangar at the Palace of Fine Arts (formerly the Exploratorium museum) with two stages of fascinating speakers spanning the technological, artistic, commercial, scientific, educational, and DIY aspects of space exploration. We’re also putting together an exhibit hall for the conference — kind of a World’s Fair-like set of interactive demos that illustrate the future of space exploration and its many possibilities. We were able to give away 3,000 free tickets to the talks and exhibits, but we’ve run out of room for that. In the interest of keeping it all accessible for as many as possible, tickets are still only $49. But, as a friend of an exhibitor, you can still grab a free ticket at .


“As I mentioned at the September Community Meeting, beginning Oct 1st we will discontinue Open Access.  We are now advertising, on Meetup, “Tours by Appointment.”   Please talk to me if you have questions about our new direction with regards to membership growth.  I would like all Marshals to refocus their volunteer time on our over 30 Classes & Clubs events we are hosting each month or one of the over 10 channels of content we are providing to our community.  Talk to me if you need help matching your skills with Robot Garden’s needs.  We want to provide our community “access to project tools along with a group of interesting people that discuss & build amazing things.  Our goal is to offer classes, workspace and learning spaces for all ages.”   Thanks Marshals for making our space such a special community. I look forward to contributing, with your help, greater positive impacts on our region.”

Jim Berry, Robot Garden President

The Ham Radio group meets on Tuesday Sep 13 at 7pm.

More Ham Radio antennas and the Reflow Oven assembly

Tuesday, Sep 13, 2016, 7:00 PM

Robot Garden
170 S Livermore Ave. Livermore, CA

1 Makers & Mechanics Attending

We worked on a couple of antennas and started the assembly of the solder reflow oven.  Come join us for more antenna work, SDR and continued work on the oven modifications.We’ll likely do every Tuesday for a while…

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The 3D Printer Special Interest Group is starting up on Wednesdays at 7pm.

3D-Printer Special Interest Group

Wednesday, Sep 14, 2016, 7:00 PM

No location yet.

4 Makers & Mechanics Attending

3D-Printer enthusiasts unite!  What meaningful and interesting things can we make with a 3D printer.  Enough with the phone cases and light sabers it time for something more meaningful in life.  Join us as we pick a project and extrude are way to success.Please remember to announce yourself, then mute unless you have the floor. Makes a big differe…

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The Robot Garden garden group meets on Saturday Sep 17 at 1pm.

Robot Garden: How does your garden grow?

Saturday, Sep 17, 2016, 1:00 PM

Robot Garden
170 S Livermore Ave. Livermore, CA

7 Makers & Mechanics Attending

Robot Garden needs a garden. Please join us to plan for how to setup a hanging garden in our north courtyard. I recommend we start with some small projects to determine how to best plan, build & manage a community garden. Here are a few examples of Community Garden in our area:/ http://www.larpd.or…

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