Opening up Down Town

Views of the south livermore locationThe paint is drying, the ventilation system has been installed, this Saturday we are opening the doors of Robot Garden down town and we are super excited about it. From now on, our regular open access hours, classes, interest groups etc. will be in the new down town space at

160 S Livermore Ave
Livermore, CA 95440

As always, check the calendar for details.

Please come tomorrow for ourĀ Monthly Maker PotluckĀ / community meeting to checkout the space, share food and good company. As always, bringing projects to show off is encouraged.

While we are moving out of a large warehouse space, we are gaining a vibrant co-working space in a beautiful historic building in the heart of Livermore. Being downtown will be a lot more convenient for many people and we expect to get much more community visibility and involvement. In case you haven’t been by in a while, we also have some new equipment in the new space. Including a Form One resin printer capable of incredible precision and new computers with CAD software available for use.

There is still lots of work to be done to finish moving in. If you want to get involved, we are starting with moving furniture and equipment this Saturday before the potluck. Some other upcoming tasks include:

  • The new machine shop room needs to be sweep/cleaned and remove all the equipment hanging in the rafters to prepare for our equipment.
  • The interior space needs to have the cubicle walls build to help define the space and prepare the Robot Garden area for the move.
  • The interior exhaust cubes need to have storage cube build to provide for protecting our supplies/resources.
  • Layout new space and plan for what needs to move.
  • At Longard we need to sort and label everything to be moved and prepare them to hauled to their new spot.
  • Everything needs to be moved.
  • Clean up the Longard remnants and recycle or dispose of the junk.
  • Haul away South Livermore construction pile and clean the north courtyard.
  • Repair the RG entrance light.
  • Paint the RG entrance steps and landing.
  • Build new signs for Robot Garden and i-Gate worthy of hanging out front.
  • Make safety and advisor sign for visitor directing them to the marshal’s station for information.
  • Paint the Garden Gate.

If you’re interested in helping out with any of these activities, please get in touch or sign up for a work event on meetup. We hope to see you down town soon.

Machine Shop Suspended

While we are moving out of our old space and into the new space, Robot Garden’s machine shop is closed and not available for member use. If you’d like to see it come back quicker, see above for ways you can help out.

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