OpenROV #411 and the Laser Cutter


Greetings Enthusiasts! Here is an update on the OpenROV project the ROV/AUV interest group is working on (amongst other larger systems).

Our laserĀ  cutter is a CO2 40W unit with a 20″x12″ cutting area. So we needed to modify the v2.4 files. Using Rhinoceros, the painstaking process of selecting the parts and exporting them to a 20×12 layout was completed with some trouble since I had never used a laser cutter prior to taking on this build. Once I figured out the setup, I ran some tests using stock acrylic and cardboard.

After this, confident that the laser was set correctly, I started on the actual components. I have only the second half of the blue acrylic parts to complete, and assembly can begin. If anyone needs the 20×12 modified cutting files, let me know.

I’ll post the next phase when completed!

rov1 rov2 rov3 rov4

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