RC2Robot has picked a platform!

Robot Garden’s RC2Robot group has picked a chassis and it’s a big one.

It’s beefy!

At 1/5 scale, the Traxxas X-Maxx is one of the largest RC cars out there, capable of 35mph.

We’ve picked key robotic components:

We’d like to thank the directors of Robot Garden for their ongoing support. We’ll be tuning the chassis soon and will share exciting video. Stay tuned!

“I love being part of a makerspace when people are getting excited about new projects, and building cool things like the RC2Robot group. But this is more than just fun,” said Andra Keay, Robot Garden cofounder and Managing Director of the Silicon Valley Robotics industry group. “With my industry group hat on, I spend every day with the next generation of robotics companies. And they are all looking for people with robotics skills. The world needs robotics technologies for our manufacturing, agriculture and ageing society, and yet we don’t have enough skilled people to build all those robots. Makerspaces like Robot Garden that are working on fun but advanced robotics challenges with the RC2Robot group competing in the RoboMagellan Challenge are playing an important role in the informal education of our next generation workforce. Who said robot competitions were only for kids!”

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