ROV / AUV Interest Group Looking for members / Volunteers

Greetings enthusiasts! The ROV / AUV interest group is looking for individuals who are willing to help out on 4 ROV projects. (and subsequently become members of the group)
1. We need 1 or 2 people willing to 3D print materials using Robot Garden’s 3D printer (or others). This involves 3D printing a robot hand, water proofing it, and building a submersible arm for it.
2. We need 1 or 2 people willing to complete the builds on 2 observation class ROVs. 1 is an OpenROV from and the other is a home built PVC deal that needs to be potted and tested. This involves laser cutting and shop work, electronics work, programming, etc.
3. We need 1 person willing to build a small hydrostatic testing chamber. (pressure chamber for testing materials at various depths)
4. We foresee other electronics and design work as well.
If you are interested and have or want to learn 3D printing, engineering and CAD skills; send me an email. I’ll be running these 3 or 4 projects remotely for the next few weeks.
Due to time, liability, and a whole other batch of reasons, I request that ~17 yr. and older enthusiasts apply.
To give you a taste of what this is working towards, the ROV interest group is working on 2 new models of this nature:

Here’s the OpenROV that we need help with:

And the PVC HomeBuilt:


The 3D printed hand:


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