ROV/AUV Interest Group Meeting June 16th

  • Greetings enthusiasts! I will be hosting another ROV/AUV interest group this Sunday 12pm-onward. Topics for discussion:

    1. New ROV in the works
    2. CTD package. I have a plan for one and will be working out the bits this weekend.
    3. I’d like to get some ideas on controllers. I’d love to hear about any controllers you are familiar with that would be appropriate for a ROV and/or AUV. I would love to automatize i.e. to make autonomous or semi-autonomous. thereby creating a Hybrid ROV…plans within plans.
    4. I’d like to hear about any other water related projects as well. Cross-talk between technologies and application domains often seeds innovation.
    5. Programming languages for development and deployment

    6. The pool frame construction!

    We will also start the frame construction for the pool. Bryan has come up with a good plan for the support framework.

    See you then!

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