Shop Equipment Refurbishment #2

Greetings to all patiently waiting enthusiasts. Here is part two of the shop equipment project.

This past Sunday, from 2pm-4pm, the electrical systems for the motors on the band saw and drill press were carefully gone over. The band saw drive motor took some time. It was very dirty, layered in corrosion, but all went swimmingly. I was not able, however, to finish the electrical switch work on the drill press drive motor. That will have to wait for our next meet up.

CNC Mill

  • TO DO: Cleaning
  • Needs rewiring and electronics check.
  • Safety review needed.

Band Saw

  • Motor cleaned and functioning. Re-soldered electronics and repaired power cable.
  • Needs Paint
  • Safety switch and e-stop needs installed

Table Grinder

  • TO DO: Need to clean, check operation, etc.
  • Covered electrical switch panel.
  • Safety stop and power switch: NEEDED.

General Notes:

We have a preliminary layout scheme for the space. We need shop tables! I ask all of us to keep our eyes out for cheep and/or free sturdy, preferably heavy duty tables in order to mount the band saw and CNC mill. We also need to re-plank the current table where the CNC mill now resides.

For next time:

  • Safety switch installs
  • Motor re-wiring on drill press.
  • Paint Jobs => We’ve had a good idea in regards to powder coating…Anyone have a spray gun designed for this we can use?
  • ┬áComments and ideas are welcomed
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