Team Robot Garden enters Victoria in RoboMagellan Contest


Victoria January 07 2017

Victoria January 07 2017

On January 07, 2017 we became Team Robot Garden. We named our autonomous robot Victoria after the only one of Magellan’s ships to complete the circumnavigation. It doesn’t hurt that Victoria is the Latin word for ‘victory’ or ‘conquer’.



Victoria will compete in the outdoor RoboMagellan contest at RoboGames April 21-23, 2017. The robot must find a traffic cone autonomously at each of a series of GPS waypoints along an urban race course. Our current configuration includes:

  • A GPS antenna and PixHawk running ArduPilot Rover which navigates to the destination waypoint.
  • Cone detection software then uses OpenCV and a camera to find the cone.
  • ROS is the executive command software.
  • Safety radio prototype. A fail-safe stop switch to shut down the robot if needed.

Look for RC2Robot on meetup for meeting times. Watch the road test of Victoria’s Traxxas X-Maxx chassis

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