Urban Garden Project

Hello All!

Just this last weekend we had a planning meeting for a Robot Garden garden. The meeting went really well, the great folks at i-GATE are really supportive of our ideas. In fact, with their input, we came up with a ton of new ideas and directions we could take and decided upon an initial project.

Pending a few approvals, we will create a small urban garden/park space at the front of the i-GATE facility! We’d like to build a bike rack, install a planter box with either herbs and veggies or native plants (or both!), and have a small shade structure with a solar panel on top big enough to power the irrigation system for the garden. We’d also like to have some garden monitoring equipment to measure things like soil moisture, pH, etc. Our hope is to make this data available in real-time and allow anyone, especially local students, to track and monitor the data. We want this project to be as interactive and educational as possible!

If you’re interested, we need people to help out with the construction, getting tools and materials, tending the garden, monitoring data and data gathering equipment, and/or contributing more ideas for this or future projects!

We’re very excited and look forward to giving you more updates soon! Let me know if you have any questions, are looking to participate or have other ideas we should consider.



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