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General printer rules:

  1. Be excellent to each other:
    1. On the 3D printer this means taking the best care of the machine you know how and if you are unsure of how to do something properly, ask.
    2. Please try to coordinate with other users so everyone has access to the printer, if you have a long job, let someone with a short job use the printer first.
  2. You must have taken the SBU for a specific printer before using it.
  3. When your job has finished, properly shut down the printer.
  4. Do not shut down, reboot or suspend a computer connected to a printer while it is printing.
  5. When starting a long print job:
    1. You must supervise the printer at least until the first 2 layers of your part (not the raft) have successfully completed.
    2. If possible, check back on the print job regularly and stop the machine immediately if you notice anything amiss.
    3. Note the expected completion time of the print job and come unload your part as close to that time as possible.

Afinia specific rules:

  1. The Afinia printer may only be used with approved ABS plastic filament.
  2. Do not use “fast” mode unless you will be supervising the printer the entire time.

Rostock Max specific rules:

  1. The Rostock Max printer may only be used with approved PLA filament.

Form One specific rules:

  1. The Form One printer may only be used with approved resin.
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